starting with the end in mind


Right tools. 

Right construction. 

Right partners. 

We are artists. Tools are commodities.


In an age of machine learning and next-generation omics we eliminate the buzz words and take design back to amazing people creating originals.

Right people. 

Right starting point. 

Right blueprint. 


Would you make an iPhone in a manufacturing facility for a Ford F-150?


When writing the operating systems of the physical world to design cell factories, we pick the cellular background with the end in mind.  This means understanding which cells can make the product of interest, which products will scale for commercial production and which cells will ultimately provide the most advantaged product --- high quality, low cost.


We are strategically focused on unlocking natural products across a variety of industries. Our approach is to identify large markets with major supply chain and sustainability issues where a bio-based solutions will be advantaged.

We get in early on big challenges.

We focus on commercial from the start.

We are not interested in science projects.

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